John Negro
3 min readAug 15, 2020


Mind of Your Own

Glamorous, colorful and enticing photos and fashion ads popping out of premium magazine, persuasive

adverts on billboards and neon lights illuminating the staleness of the night in developed cities then top

it all off with graphic media programmed for TV, Just more than enough tugs and pulls on our emotions

and rational thinking in how we decide what we do, what we wear, buy and think of ourselves. Do we

even stand a chance of charting our own path as regards how we want to live our lives and express

ourselves in terms of personal art and style, I know what you might think… That the end result of our

actions is a function of choices we make but I would renegade on you regarding that thought because in

as much as true it might appear to be about the control we have and power we wield in determining the

outcome of our thoughts, In reality we actually have little control, Yes, very little.. Sounds spooky right?

But it is true, psychology, the science of human behavior vividly attests to this resolution. Ivan Pavlov

laws of classical conditioning factually verifies the assumption of a trait or behavior in respect to a

repetition of stimulus scenario in anticipation of predictable behavior. All it takes is “Association” a term

used to describe the programmed response to a stimulus after successive repeated scenarios that

reinforce a justification for the stimulus response. So with this in mind we can deduce that our thought

processes or even our perception regarding a subject are mostly a product of the reinforcements we

have received from the environment regarding a subject, clarity huh? This sure should make us think

twice and think again whenever the notion of control or mind sovereignty comes to fore. If then, that

we have a perspective bias in perception due to mind control and brainwash indoctrination of the

diverse media around us then it means that we do not see things as they really are and the only way to

attain that no-sentiment and purified thought analysis in perception is to have a mind of our own. And

what necessarily is this mind of our own?.

Having a mind of your own is as easy as been mentally independent of stimulus reinforcement from the

immediate environment, thinking thoroughly through the double sides of a premise and the pros and

cons of an ideological resolution. It entails possessing a form and structure of mind that compare and

contrast the practicality and rationality as to a notion acceptance and behavioral exhibition. It is the

deeply eccentric need to justify the ever probing “WHY” that tails every social and environmental

observation. It forms the screen and at the same time the backdrop of every deep thinker and the subtly

opinionated individual. A mind of your own does not necessarily mean a blind approach to thought

resolution or inner agreement by rigid pragmatism like can be attested to in egocentric and ruthless

individuals but rather a mind of your own is a type of freedom and enlightenment which grants one a

grace to properly weigh stimulus and resolution by the applicability as per current scenario and the

secure and reassured practicality on future basis, This helps one form opinions from a leveraged point of

clarity and inner peace rather than being swayed by any and every unhealthy conditioning which we

sway to only to realize its irrationality only after the damage has usually been done. We get to do what

we get to do and be who we want to be not by trend or herd instinct but by pursuing the rest and peace

of who we are and what “ WORKS” for us. Seems cool and proper right? How then do we get to have a

mind of our own?

Having a mind of our own can be as simple as an inner resolution to strive earnestly to see things the

way they truly are by mirroring our psychological pull to a stimulus with the balance of our physical and

mental wellbeing. Simply put, we decline or accept a notion by the criteria of whether it works for us in

buttressing our peace state or not rather than incur an imbalance and mental unrest by adopting a

notion or attitude for because it seems trendy and in vogue by TV, Magazine or Fashion standard. It’s

like making a horse wear a mane to look confident or have a lion eat grass for sake of humility, Doesn’t augur well with both parties for sure. To a Peace of Mine, To A peace Of Yours, T o A Peace Of Mind,

One Nation. Have a mind of yours today. Shalom

John Negro