John Negro
4 min readAug 15, 2020

Conservatism or Imposed Authority

Politics is sure a dirty game, a game that most of us if not all are staunch ruthless daily participants of, You might be wondering “How am I a staunch participant of politics if I am not obligated to a civic duty or elected post whatsoever, Oh yes sorry to break it to you, You are a staunch partisan of politics even though you do not hold an electoral office or head an ideological movement. You are political whenever you opine or take a position as regards societal structure, ethics or norm or any social perspective, That aside, in the words of Aristotle the philosopher, Man is a political animal whether by deliberate

antecedent or not, As long as we always opine from our perspective and reasoning and many times try earnestly to contrive fate to our bidding we are in reality effecting our political nature. I do not know what your political stance is but of a certainty everybody takes a side, you are either left or right wing pending the degree of partisanship. This is how it has been for thousands of years as far back as when pure scholastic thinking originated with the Greeks during the philosophical renaissance period, Agoras were filled with thinkers who always questioned every resolution of thought and compound ideology and this seemingly curios and inquisitive dialogues is the foundation of modern day platonic thought. Whence the question, Are you liberal or conservative?

If you ask me, I would say am conservative but albeit a sympathetic one. I would not say that am a deep thinker or intellectual of any sort but am someone who likes to occasionally question my ideological resolutions from time, this trait of mine is founded by a rational need for an open minded mental template which I believe should be the base of any intellectual inquiry and resolution, To always consider the pro and cons of both sides and then posit

based on what angle seems practical per scenario. Yes, I am conservative, not forgetting though a sympathetic conservative and I take this stance because of quite some in my own words rationally

practical reasons. Firstly, We are all humans existing simultaneously in a spectrum of singularity which is

the earth we are gravitated by and the survival resources availed us by God, in this vein, as humans existing simultaneously in a singular spectrum our various antecedents have various frictional implications as regards the quality of sovereignty of self and degree of individuality that we all are opportune to express. We can for clarity envisage a scenario where an extremely liberal minded person might decide to go naked on the street and defend that decision on the premise of his liberty and

expressible freedom of deed, This is very justifiable if we approach this dialogue from a truly balanced perspective of human existence, but on the flip side we all know that such an act is borne of a vulgarity and a gross disrespect for social ethics and piety from many premise, One of the most viable ones being the corruption of the mind of the kids. Now if we choose to obstruct this mind from carrying out his decision to go naked on the basis of a moral fiber that is needed to weave the ambience of a code of conduct to govern our co-existence we have taken a quite extreme conservative stance, Why? Because we have stopped a man from attaining a personal volition and fulfillment of his liberty which in no way harms nature or physically harm the man next to him. This bias stretches deep into the corridors of philosophy and scholastic dialogue but we would not want to do that here for sake of time and resource.

Now to the nitty-gritty of this article, the flip side of conservatism, a subject that unapologetic liberals, conspiracy theorists and free thinkers approach with all sentiment and much intellectual malice, the slight mirroring of authoritarianism in conservatism, yes I agree, of course I am a sympathetic conservative and not a fascist, Man!!!... We sure are not going back to Mussolini or Hitler. This angle carries a lot of republican implication as regards ruthlessness and manipulated control of context and exploitation. There is so much truth to this affirmation, a strict conservative approach to governance

with time brings about a gully between the ruling class and the masses, an elite disconnect which promotes thoughts and orientation of strife, division and dissidence within the polity. This happens every time no matter what but this regardless is still the same narrative that plagues whichever side of the political spectrum, Liberalism in its own allure of freedom and independence over time festers a breakdown of human morals and ethics, and no matter how we want to argue in favor of liberalism we

can only but still reason like the humans we are, cohabiting together on a planet earth and this breeds conservatism no matter what.

However your political angle, I think you should always have in mind that human nature is flawed and we can never get a grasp or hold on a social ideology that works perfectly and serves both sides of the spectrum right and equally all the time, We by nature are the disadvantage to ourselves and this where God comes in, The envisaging of his promised kingdom and the ideals that it upholds. For years we have still not gotten it right as humans and so far it does not look like we are going to get it right. Only God has the blueprint to a balanced social structure and equitable human cohabitation. Shalom